Meet the instructor

Svetlana Verkhovsky

*Life Coach to Peak Performers
Master Medical Hypnotherapist
*Concert Pianist / Int'l Adjudicator
Mind/Body Health Specialist

Raised in the former USSR Soviet Union, Svetlana Verkhovsky was classically trained as a Concert Pianist by the time she was a teenager, winning Int'l awards for both her playing, and later as she served as an Int'l Adjudicator for competitions.

She immigrated to Canada with her family and after running a successful Music School and several restaurants and other business projects, she focused on developing her incredible gifts as a HEALER.

Following multiple certifications from NLP and Hypnotherapy from many Institutions worldwide, Lana has transformed herself and her own health.  She's famous for having more than a dozen teeth removed with any anesthetics, and many other incredible stories of mind over matter and the triumph of the human heart over adversity! 

Working with Elite Athletes, Business Executives and Entrepreneurs from around the world, Svetlana Verkhovsky is  multi-therapy, multi-modality healer that works with individuals, teams and associations.

You can find out more about her work:
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