Meet the instructor

Toni Kaufmann

*Award Winning TV & Podcast Show Producer
*Founder Standout Universe
Int'l Best-Selling Author
*Summit Event Guru

Toni Kaufman is known for her TV Show and Podcast, The World Class Mentors, and her production/casting work (in English and Spanish) on such famous shows Fremantle Media's Talent Searching programs and their Spanish Counterparts... Objetivo Fama, America’s Top Models/Belleza Latina and casting families for Family Feud/Que Dice La Gente.

Toni went from owning and managing high-profile corporate teams to creating a network of World Class Mentors that host a multitude of influencers from industries such as oil, technology, speaking, politics and film/TV. She was honored to become a member of the Transition team to bring Former President George H.W. Bush home in the early '90s and was dedicated to her 'favorite computer student?

Toni's new TV Show and Podcast is The World-Class Mentors, which is dedicated to celebrating those who have achieved world-class by honoring their mentors, their lives and legacies.

Entrepreneurs hire Toni to help them bring their ideas to life, from concept to launch, so that they can become the authority, celebrate the celebrity within, and get seen as the Go-To Expert in as little as 90 days!

Bottom Line: Toni and her team produce their very own TV Shows by creating and directing their own online summits and webinars and turn them into new episodes on their very own Online TV Channel.

Toni Kaufman brings a Hi-energy level of empowerment to her audiences, from near-death experiences to driven, absolute entrepreneurship. Motivated and Inspired are two descriptions of how her audiences leave after her talks.

Toni is the founder of Standout Universe, who's programs include Done For You Course Creation Services for Professional High Achieving Entrepreneurs. Toni's team also specialize in turning your conferences and live events into amazing online conferences and online live summit production services.

Her clients redefine their marketing programs to include digital programs by using their highly specialized project managers to help her clients succeed.

Toni Kaufman helps entrepreneurs delegate their tech work, social media, and online presence.

She takes your ideas, products, or programs, from Concept to Launch!

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