Meet the Instructor

Tracey Regan

Epic Content Creator
Editor - Publisher & CEO
Founder of The Lemon Tree
Book Company Limited

Tracey's passion is to write and create content for books, websites, blogs, and articles.

She loves the variety of working with people in all types of industries. Having recently published a book of short stories, designed another fun book of Essential Oil recipes and having edited and published an awesome coaching book - all keep her busy, and happy. Tracey Regan is also working on her own novel, a 'work in progress', at the moment.

 At The Lemon Tree Book Company, a business she Founded and Built in 2011, she has written almost a dozen incredible, personalized children's books that she hopes will encourage kids to discover the joy of reading. Tracey loves it when young readers first learn to recognize their name and then they discover that they are part of the adventure!

Tracey Regan's professional and general business experience have grown from working in a wide variety of industries including several years in the Advertising and Film Industry in London, England. In addition, she also worked prominently in large corporations, such as, Schroders Investment Banking, and a women’s weekly magazine.

She also ran her own book-keeping business for several years, helping many small businesses in industries spanning: Transport, Mortgage Brokering, Mining and Engineering, Retail, Manufacturing, and Government Funded Projects (GFPs). Separately, she has also worked in the Personal Disability sector, and recently become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Belief Clearing Practitioner.

Now, Tracey Regan enjoys writing copy, designing and editing books freelance for others, as well as, working on her own, ever-expanding Children's Book Business. Tracey loves adventure and recently went on the fastest zipline in the world - traveling through the air at over 100MPH.

Tracey is also fascinated and curious about the universe and the amazing world we live in, as well as, the stories we tell ourselves and our belief systems.
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